Last week we learned that Microsoft is in talks with HTC regarding the possibility of a new smartphone that dual-boots both Android and Windows Phone software. Now it looks like Redmond is looking to cut similar deals with Samsung and Huawei, and may actually be offering to pay the companies to get its mobile OS on their devices.

Russian tech journalist Eldar Murtazin reports that Samsung is already set to release a new Galaxy Tab 3 in 2014 that dual-boots Android and Windows RT, after paving the way earlier this year with the ATIV Q. He also adds that Samsung is reportedly considering a dual-booting smartphone, though it hasn’t made a final decision yet either way.

With Microsoft set to takeover Nokia’s mobile business, it’s a bit confusing to see the company reaching out to competing smartphone makers and practically throwing money at them. Then again, the biggest problems Windows Phone faces are user recognition and its somewhat steep learning curve. Consumers are comfortable with Android and iOS, while Microsoft’s Metro UI is just different enough to scare most people away. A dual-booting smartphone could get Windows Phone into more hands by piggy-backing on Android’s success.