If your dream is to become a cartoon, then Samsung's Galaxy S9 should be your next phone. The Korean giant is reportedly gearing up to unveil a new feature set to rival Apple's Animoji, with one key difference.

Rather than using advanced facial recognition to emote an emoji, the Galaxy S9 will reportedly cartoon-ify its users. The company showed the feature off in a short teaser released this week. As Gizmodo jokes, it makes people look like high resolution Nintendo Mii.

The "3D emoji," as the feature is currently being referred to, will seemingly turn any Galaxy S9 user into a cartoon version of themself. The feature will allegedly use a series of cameras and facial sensors to achieve the affect. Based on Samsung's brief teaser, the feature will be a blast to use.

In addition to 3D emoji, Samsung is reportedly building a feature that will put a user's animated face onto a character, which users can then customize with different hairstyles, clothes, and more. The feature is said to be very similar to Bitmoji.

With the rise of Apple's Animoji, it was inevitable we'd see alternatives—and it may not be the only feature Samsung swipes from the iPhone X. We'll learn more about Samsung's next device on February 25.