The iPhone X’s design has spawned off a handful of shameless knockoffs, validating Apple’s decision to go with the notch. Even LG is reportedly copying the iPhone X, which shows just how much other companies envy Apple’s design.

But not Samsung. The company’s Galaxy S9 instead features minimal top and bottom bezels, sticking closely to the design introduced by the Galaxy S8. It’s an elegant and premium design that bests every Android phone on the market.

In an alternate universe, though, what if Samsung did copy the iPhone X’s design? Thanks to renders by Martin Hajek, we know what such a device would look like—and it looks pretty amazing.

The renders show off a Galaxy S9 with virtually no bezels, save for the iPhone X-like notch at the top. Frankly, for as much flack as the notch gets, the Galaxy S9 looks pretty good without the top and bottom bezels, providing users with slightly more screen real estate.

Of course, there’s no way Samsung would have copied the iPhone X’s notch—not after making fun of the feature in a recent commercial. But Hajek’s renders prove the device would’ve actually looked pretty good.

While Samsung decided not to copy the iPhone X’s design, there are several copycats already out there, so if you’re into the notch but want Android, you have plenty of options to choose from.