In recent years, we’ve seen Samsung and Apple take jabs at each other. These two rivals just want to remain dominant in the mobile industry. So they roll out big-budget advertising campaigns that get the world’s attention and make people think twice before getting a Galaxy or an iPhone.

The latest ad comes from Samsung. No, the South Korean company isn’t poking fun at the notch like it did last fall. Now we’re seeing an employee at Apple’s Genius Bar get stumped by a consumer who did her homework.

When she enters, the shopper is approached by an Apple Store employee. She immediately inquires on the report that the iPhone X doesn’t actually have the fastest download speeds around. The employee confirms that, but he reminds her it’s still faster than the iPhone 8.

Yet the iPhone X isn’t faster than Samsung’s Galaxy S9 when it comes down to on-network performance. The well-informed shopper quips that the iPhone X should be the fastest considering Apple labels it as the “smartphone of the future.” After that, Apple’s frontline troop is befuddled.

Samsung is putting this under the new ‘Ingenius’ campaign. It seems like we’ll be seeing a series of ads that highlight moments where an Apple Store employee might not know it all.

The truth, though, is that you’re probably not thinking about download speeds when purchasing a mobile device. It’s hard to tell the difference between how quickly two flagships can download something. Maybe that’ll be a different story in 2019 when next-generation 5G networks go live; however, you’re probably fine with what you have now.