The official release date isn't here yet, but one carrier is already rolling out an important software update for Samsung's 2018 flagship.

T-Mobile has issued a software update for the Galaxy S9 as orders are being delivered this week. The phone won't be available globally until March 16 but select carriers and retailers have opted to ship units a bit early.

If you placed a pre-order through the magenta-loving carrier, chances are your Galaxy S9 is on the way and arriving very soon. When it does hit your doorstep and you go through the setup process, be on the lookout for a significant software update. The file size for the software update hitting T-Mobile's variant is 260MB, meaning there are some notable changes included.

Here's the changelog:

– The stability of Face unlock has been improved. – The stability of Camera has been improved.

Maybe that comes across as short and sweet, but improvements to those two areas are pretty important. Facial recognition is a big part of the Galaxy S9 as Samsung wants to rival Apple's iPhone X with the technology. And, for the camera, Samsung doesn't want to lose its place as an industry leader.

No word on other carriers rolling out a similar software update, though.