Samsung has released a statement responding to a problem facing the Galaxy S9's touchscreen, saying it is currently investigating the issue.

Owners of Samsung's newest flagship claim the device's display is exhibiting dead spots, resulting in a negative impact on the user experience. The most worrying part is there doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason behind the issue; certain areas of the display simply don't respond to touch.

There's a possibility these units could be defective. However, one user claims their device returned to normal following a factory data reset.

Samsung said:

At Samsung, customer satisfaction is core to our business and we aim to deliver the best possible experience. We are looking into a limited number of reports of Galaxy S9/S9+ touchscreen responsiveness issues. We are working with affected customers and investigating.

There's no indication as to when Samsung will figure out a solution, so anyone experiencing the issue will have to hang tight. For what it's worth, the units in our office haven't exhibited any problems.

While touchscreen issues can be annoying, you can take solace knowing your phone isn't being recalled. We'll provide an update once Samsung figures out what's causing the issue.