When Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, the company also released an accessory known as DeX, allowing users to dock the devices for expanded desktop-like functionality. Now, it’s looking like the Korean company will introduce an update to DeX that will make the experience even more powerful.

A trademark filed in Europe suggests Samsung is preparing to introduce the DeX Pad, which will act as both a dock and a wireless charger. At least, that’s the speculation. Few details are included in the filing. Here’s the device’s official description:

Application software for projecting the screen of mobile device to displays via computer peripheral devices and wireless networks; Computer peripheral devices; Computer software for wireless network communications; Computer software for controlling users interface mode adaption; Computer software for use in computer access control.

Imagine propping your phone on the DeX Pad and instantly using the Galaxy S9 with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The process of connecting the Galaxy S8 to DeX isn’t exactly complicated, but the DeX Pad could streamline the process even further. It would elevate the S9’s capabilities beyond simply being a smartphone.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S9 when Mobile World Congress kicks off at the end of February, so it shouldn’t be long until we know more about DeX Pad.