Maybe you never noticed this, but the default ringtone on Galaxy devices has always been the same for the last seven years. “Over the Horizon,” which Samsung introduced in 2011, gets retooled each and every year when a new flagship arrives.

In 2018, it’s Icelandic composer Pétur Jónsson having the honor to share his vision of the tune with us. Samsung describes the new version, coinciding with the arrival of the Galaxy S9 in just a few days, as a “minimalist arrangement” taking us “on an atmospheric journey of discovery.” Jónsson starts with light notes on a piano, and then additional instruments join along the way.

As the launch event goes along on February 25, expect “Over the Horizon” to play multiple times. It’ll be used during various sequences as Samsung introduces the Galaxy S9 to the world.

You can watch (and hear) Pétur Jónsson’s version of “Over the Horizon” below.