Promotional images reportedly belonging to Samsung have leaked, showing that the camera will be a major part in advertising the company’s 2018 flagship.

The trio of images, which were posted on Weibo by an anonymous user, reveal a ‘9’ watermarked on top of each. Samsung uses different settings ranging from a child on a swing to a man jumping into water to a cat peeking above a surface. Unfortunately the resolution of the leaked images isn’t so great, but it’s likely the Galaxy S9 will have ads with photos and videos taken on the product itself.

Samsung is expected to focus more on the camera than anything else. While the Galaxy S9 will look a lot like its predecessor, the new flagship will have an entirely new camera setup. A 12MP camera, joined by a second for the Galaxy S9+, with dual-aperture (F1.5/F2.4) and “Super Slow-mo” is rumored.

The world will finally get to see the Galaxy S9 on Sunday, February 25. Samsung’s global launch event will detail the hardware and software for its latest high-end phone.

UPDATE: Turns out these weren’t a leak. We apologize for the confusion.