Everything you need to know about the Galaxy S9 was just detailed. The 2018 flagship from Samsung is official and will be released in just two weeks, but it’s very important that you’re aware there are places to avoid buying the Galaxy S9 from. Don’t let that pre-order excitement cause you to lose money. Be wise, and listen up.

Three major U.S. carriers have decided to ignore Samsung’s recommendation and jack up the prices of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ on their networks. To be totally honest, it’s absurd. It comes across as a move to drain even more money from customers.

What I’m here to tell you is that, while you shouldn’t be buying the phone from any one of them, there are still three places to shop from to get that shiny new phone.

Leading up to the announcement, it looked like Samsung would follow Apple’s lead and raise the price of its flagship to almost $1,000. The Galaxy Note 8, which was released last summer, was pretty close to that threshold anyway. The Galaxy S9 was expected to be the same considering the iPhone X hasn’t deterred many with its eye-popping price tag.

Call me surprised. We quickly learned that the Galaxy S9 is priced like its predecessor and other flagships on the market. Because the phone isn’t necessarily a massive upgrade over last year’s model, Samsung decided to go easy on us.

As usual, Samsung’s partners stepped forward to declare their intent to sell the phone. Except some of them tried slyly increasing the price without anyone noticing. Well, they’re wrong. A bunch of us immediately realized both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are way more expensive. Now it’s time to let everyone know who’s being sneaky.

Here’s a look at pricing from the nation’s four largest carriers:

  • Verizon: Galaxy S9 for $800, Galaxy S9+ for $930
  • AT&T: Galaxy S9 for $790, Galaxy S9+ for $915
  • Sprint: Galaxy S9 for $792, Galaxy S9+ for $912
  • T-Mobile: Galaxy S9 for $720, Galaxy S9+ for $840

If you need to, take a glance at the pricing one more time. Notice anything unusual? Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint made the wild decision to add around $80 to Samsung’s recommendation. None of those three carriers have explained themselves. TechnoBuffalo has reached out to all three carriers for official comment, and will update should we hear back from any of them.

T-Mobile, meanwhile, is sticking with Samsung. It would seem the Un-carrier doesn’t see a reason as to why it should make the phone so much more expensive than its predecessor or Apple’s iPhone 8.

Anyone who plans on pre-ordering the Galaxy S9 or purchasing one after the release date should limit themselves to one of three places. If you’re a customer on the magenta-colored network, shop through T-Mobile. Loyal to Best Buy? Pick up the unlocked model there. And, for everyone else, there’s Samsung. With its own financing option in place, you’re getting the same payment plan offered elsewhere but with smaller amounts paid every month.

The unlocked model sold by Samsung and Best Buy is compatible on all networks, including Verizon’s and Sprint’s. You can take it to any carrier’s network and use the Galaxy S9 freely.

Samsung, T-Mobile, and Best Buy are also running the special trade-in promotion where you can get up to $350 for ditching your old phone. Other carriers and retailers are doing that as well, but that’s not hiding their ridiculous price hikes.