If you were hoping to see Samsung’s next flagship move the fingerprint scanner, you may be in for a disappointment. The Galaxy S9 won’t have an in-display fingerprint scanner, according to a reliable source. Samsung will continue working on facial recognition for 2018 as it has in 2017. It is, however, expected, to have the finger-based technology ready near the end of next year.

All eyes are on Samsung as new flagships from Apple and Google have officially been released. The next five or so months should be filled with rumors and reports surrounding the Galaxy S9. Of course Samsung will create another high-end phone, but it’s unclear what exactly will be new in terms of design. People were expecting a new type of fingerprint scanner, which is now apparently out of the picture.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were expected to ship with in-display fingerprint scanners, but the idea was scrapped since Samsung couldn’t meet its standards during production. So the company was forced to place a fingerprint scanner on the back. It didn’t go over too well as the consumers felt the new spot was hard to reach and too close to the camera.

Now, with the Galaxy S9, Samsung reportedly still isn’t prepared to implement an in-display fingerprint scanner. So it would seem the Galaxy Note 9 will be the technology’s launching pad.

Samsung recently submitted a patent application in South Korea. It reveals a phone that has a fingerprint scanner integrated into its display. Also, the reference device has curved edges like the company’s existing trio of high-end devices. Because of the similarities between the reference device and current Samsung phones, it seems likely for an in-display fingerprint scanner to debut sometime in 2018.

The filing does point out the company plans to merge the feature with the pressure-sensitive on-screen home button from the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

When it launches, the Galaxy S9 should still have a fingerprint scanner. It’ll just be on the back like the two 2017 flagships. Samsung will probably emphasize facial recognition, though, as that’s the current trend in the mobile industry. If you absolutely need an in-display fingerprint scanner, be prepared to wait until next summer for the Galaxy Note 9.