Following the release of Apple’s Face ID, it was always expected that Samsung would respond with a similar feature. Thanks to a fresh leak, it sounds like that’s exactly what the company will do.

According to SamCentral, via VentureBeat, Samsung is gearing up to introduce a new feature known as Intelligent Scan. A mention of the feature was discovered in an APK teardown from the latest Android Oreo beta for the Galaxy Note 8.

Intelligent Scan is described as a feature that “combines face and iris scanning to improve accuracy and security even in low or very bright light.” Apparently, the new feature will come in addition to the device’s fingerprint sensor, iris scanner, and face unlock.

That seems like an overload of unlocking and authenticating methods—users will also have PIN and pattern unlock options, too. But the draw of Intelligent Scan is that the feature will reportedly be able to authenticate signing into apps and websites.

The caveat here is that Intelligent Scan was discovered in an Android Oreo beta for the Note 8. It’s very possible this feature won’t be exclusive to the Galaxy S9 when Android Oreo is officially available for Samsung’s range of devices.

In addition to Intelligent Scan, a few other features were discovered in the Android Oreo beta, including 3D stickers and tag shot, which allows users to tag images with the current location and weather.

With less than a month until Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy S9, we know quite a bit about the device, including its specs and what it looks like. Now, all that’s left is for Samsung to make it official.