The next wave of high-end phones from Samsung will stay cool.

Expect the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 to have heat pipes inside their premium bodies. Samsung, according to DigiTimes, won’t be shying away from the component in 2018 despite rising costs. The company believes the component is necessary in its flagship products to maintain consistently low temperatures for users. Production is already underway on heat pipe-related supplies for next year’s hardware.

Samsung first introduced a liquid cooling tube in 2016 with the Galaxy S7, and ever since the company has been utilizing it for Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones. Now other companies in the mobile industry are exploring what else can be done to keep phones running cool. But Samsung will be sticking with heat pipes in 2018.

It appears that vapor chambers are what the industry has its eyes set on next. Cost and size, however, could prevent the solution from appearing in many upcoming flagships. Although a vapor chamber can dissipate warmth much better than a heat pipe, it could be too expensive to implement. A vapor chamber is also on the larger side, and consumers have expressed interest in thinner phones. Incorporating a vapor chamber could prove to balloon a phone’s price and make it on the thicker side, which no one wants.

Because of its downsides, DigiTimes reports that you won’t see a vapor chamber debuting with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9. The company is content using heat pipes as they proved to be successful in 2017.

More likely is a wave a phone with vapor chambers launching in 2019 when production is in full swing and costs drop.