We’re months and months away from seeing the Galaxy S9, but that hasn’t stopped DBS Designing from conjuring up an incredible concept. If this is what Samsung has cooking, the iPhone X will be in big trouble.

The concept essentially marries Samsung Galaxy S and Note lineups in a singular ideal, perfection represented by glass, metal, and a very larger edge-to-edge display. And when I say edge-to-edge, I mean it. Save for a small notch at the top, there are no edges to speak of.

Where the concept takes the design in a questionable direction is with the sharp, flat edges, resulting in a device that looks suspiciously like the Essential Phone. Seeing as Samsung has its design down pat, I don’t see the company’s next device looking all that different from the Galaxy S8.

Where I hope Samsung does take inspiration from the concept is with the fingerprint sensor, which is imagined to be under the display. Whether Samsung can achieve this before the Galaxy Note 9 is anyone’s guess. What we do know is seeing a Galaxy S device with a dual-camera setup makes complete sense.

What do you guys think?