When you use the Galaxy S9, you’ll feel inspired. That’s at least what Samsung aims to accomplish anyway. Its latest ad for the 2018 flagship began airing during the 90th Annual Academy Awards, and the spot builds on the “Do What You Can’t Campaign” from last year.

The ad features notable people like Issa Rae and Rachel Morrison, the latter of whom is the first woman to get an Oscar nomination in cinematography.

All of them are challenging to break the mold of what can’t be done. Since last year, the entertainment industry’s been pushing back against harassment and inequality. Samsung’s Oscars ad for the Galaxy S9 builds on the inroads women have made in the workplace and at home.

It may not be entirely about the Galaxy S9, but this is the type of ad that can get people talking. And the Oscars, which aired on ABC, often gets north of 35 million viewers in the U.S. alone.