If you need your smartphone to be more than just a phone, Samsung's new DeX dock is perhaps the most exciting feature of the Galaxy S8 series. It also does more than it promises, with one user stumbling across the ability to activate Continuum on a Windows 10 Mobile device.

DeX turns your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ into a desktop computer. You connect an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, then plug your smartphone into the dock to activate a desktop interface that can be used to maximize your productivity. Some say that Samsung's software is even better than Microsoft's, but with DeX, you get the best of both worlds.

In a video posted on YouTube, Gary Carter demonstrates this by plugging a Lumia 950 into the DeX dock to activate Continuum. The dock isn't advertised as being compatible with this feature — or any device that isn't a Galaxy S8 — but it appears to work near perfectly.

We don't know at this point whether DeX will work with other Windows 10 Mobile devices, or whether Samsung will attempt to prevent this once this news circulates. But if you have a Windows phone that you've ditched since upgrading to the Galaxy S8, it might just come in handy if you want to use Windows Mobile apps on a big screen.