Samsung has made the Galaxy S8's new virtual assistant even more useful in South Korea by adding the ability to send money. Users can ask Bixby to send cash and even check their bank balance by using simple voice commands.

Samsung's goals for Bixby are incredibly impressive, making it one of the most exciting virtual assistants around. However, many of its features — including basic voice support — are yet to be made available outside of its home country of South Korea. Today that list grows even longer with the introduction of Bixby payments.

Available to customers of Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, and KEB Hana Bank, the feature lets you send cash to friends and family and get your latest bank balance by utilizing the power of Samsung Pay. Customers of Woori Bank can even make currency exchanges using only their voice, SamMobile reports.

The only time you'll need to touch your device is when you lift it up to authorize transactions and access sensitive data using the Galaxy S8's iris scanner. Everything else is handled by Bixby, which means there's no need to open your bank's own Android app.

Samsung hasn't confirmed any plans to launch similar functionality outside of South Korea yet, but it seems like one of those things the company will likely want to make available to as many users as possible. It's the kind of "wow" feature that could boost sales of its latest smartphones.