Recent leaks have confirmed the upcoming Galaxy S8 series will feature 4GB of RAM just like its predecessors, however, Samsung is planning a more powerful variant with 6GB of RAM, according to one tipster. The big downside (for most of us) is that it will be exclusive to China.

Android-powered smartphones with 6GB of RAM have been creeping into the market over the past year or so, and we will likely be seeing a lot more of them throughout 2017. But some manufacturers believe that adding more than 4GB is overkill for the vast majority of users. Samsung is one of them, which is why the Galaxy S8 will only offer 4GB as standard.

But there have been rumors surrounding a more expensive 6GB model. Kevin Wong, research director for IHS China, confirms this device will be available, but insists it will be exclusive to China, where local manufacturers are rolling out more and more handsets with 6GB of RAM. If Samsung doesn’t match them, it could hurt its sales in the region.

“More RAM doesn’t necessarily translate into better performance so Galaxy S8 owners across the globe shouldn’t feel that they’ve been handed a less capable smartphone,” adds SamMobile. “Samsung’s primary reason to do this might just be to ensure that its new smartphone doesn’t get overshadowed by the competition.”

It certainly seems as though consumers in some markets (particularly China) are a little more obsessed with the numbers on a spec sheet. Handsets with larger displays, faster processors, and ample storage and RAM tend to be more popular than those that skimp in these areas. Samsung will want to ensure its Galaxy S8 doesn’t fall into that trap.

If indeed this is the company’s plan, and the 6GB variant sells well, it could well end up making its way to other markets later on — especially if it also offers 128GB of storage, which would be appealing to customers all around the world.