Samsung’s introduction of the Galaxy S8 is probably about a month out from now. While it hasn’t been confirmed just yet, we expect Samsung to unveil the Galaxy S8 during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Rumor has it the phone will hit the market about a month later in April, instead of on the same day as was the case with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge last year. There are plenty of rumors of what the phone will and won’t offer, so I picked out five that I’m most excited about.

Keep in mind it’s possible these won’t see the light of day since they’re still based on speculation and rumors.

Edge to Edge display

Word on the street is Samsung’s going to include a near-bezel-less Quad HD (4K maybe? Depends on the rumors) display. We’ve already started to see this with the introduction of the Galaxy S6’s curved display, but I think this is going to look even more like an “all screen” device. The top and bottom bezels may be more narrow than ever since the hardware buttons are apparently being swapped out for software. And what about the home button and fingerprint reader? That brings us to the next point.

Hidden fingerprint reader

Samsung is allegedly going to use technology from Synaptics that allows it to build the fingerprint reader under the glass of the display. That means the fingerprint reader will basically be invisible, just hold your finger on the screen and it’ll identify you.

This also allows Samsung to move the home button to a software function, again freeing up the space that was otherwise required at the bottom of the phone. Several leaked renders of the phone and cases suggest this much is pretty much a lock since there haven’t been any visual cues that a fingerprint reader exists on the back or front of the smartphone.

Bixby AI

Samsung is allegedly going to introduce a brand new voice assistant called Bixby with the Galaxy S8. This AI should compete directly with Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant and others, and it may even sport a dedicated button on the side of the smartphone. Users might be able to tap that button to call up Bixby at any moment.

Bixby is a product from Viv Labs, which Samsung acquired, and was founded by the same team that built Siri. In other words, this should be a very premium product when it launches, unlike something like S Voice. Sorry, Samsung, S Voice is hot garbage.

Advanced camera

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge sport some of the best smartphone cameras on the market (check out some of our samples above), so you can bet Samsung isn’t going to slouch this year. My guess is we’ll get even crisper, more accurate photos and the same crazy-fast capture speeds. Rumor also has it the camera will offer smart functions, allowing the phone to identify what’s been captured for easier search later on.

Samsung has already adopted this sort of tech — you can search for specific landscape photos in the gallery, for example, but this might allow the pictures to be searchable through the Brixby AI, too. Apple offers this with its pictures on the iPhone and Google Photos lets you search with basically any term. I’m excited to see how Samsung builds on what others already have.

Snapdragon 835

Heck yeah, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 might be the first phone on the market (or the LG G6) with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 835 processor, the most advanced ever created by Qualcomm. The processor has a focus on power efficiency, so I’m hoping that translates into improved battery life, especially during demanding tasks like gaming or watching videos. The Snapdragon 835 processor features an Adreno 540 GPU, too, so we should expect some next-level games in the coming year that take advantage of the extra power.