Canadian carrier Rogers and subsidiary Fido have confirmed that Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ pre-orders have been delayed. Customers were previously told that they could collect their new handset “as early as” April 17. Now it seems they won’t be available before the official launch date on April 21.

It looked like Canadian fans would be some of the first to get their hands on Samsung’s latest flagships, with other countries having to wait until April 20 or April 21 for the pre-order launch. However, due to what looks like human error, that’s no longer going to be the case. Rogers and Fido subscribers will have to wait it out just like the rest of us.

Rogers has already begun notifying pre-order customers nationwide that its system is unable to activate new Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ handsets at this time, and Fido is confirming the same story. Representatives have begun deferring to the original launch date of April 21, though there is a chance that the issue could be resolved sooner. That “issue,” according to MobileSyrup, is an interesting one.

“One internal source confirmed to MobileSyrup that their Rogers store cannot currently sell any S8 units, and all sales reps have been told to call their pre-order customers in order to warn them. Another source familiar with the matter reports that “someone at Rogers forgot to upload all the IMEI codes” for the new units into the database on the long weekend.”

A leaked internal document confirms that “Samsung Galaxy devices S8 and S8 + are not added to the system for sales… As we have previously announced, customers were able to recover their pre-ordered or reserved unit as of April 17th. However, due to a system problem, the devices do not appear in the system for sales.”

It is believed that the April 21 date is just a cautionary estimate to avoid disappointment, and that if Rogers and Fido can iron out this problem quickly, customers may still get their hands on the Galaxy S8 series before then. It might be a good idea to avoid getting yours hopes up, however.