When the Galaxy S8 hits, it will be compared endlessly with Apple’s iPhone 7. Until that happens, someone on Weibo has already taken it upon themselves to start the inevitable flame war.

A few photos have been shared that show what the Galaxy S8 looks like compared to the iPhone 7; the Galaxy S7 Edge is included in the photos for good measure. (By the way, the Galaxy S7 Edge looks great despite being considered an “old” device.)

The iPhone’s design is a bit long in the tooth having gone unchanged since the iPhone 6, which came out a few years ago. As a result, the Galaxy S8’s design looks miles ahead of Apple’s handset. In fact, Apple’s device is downright elementary compared to Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

The new photos don’t reveal anything new about the Galaxy S8. It simply gives us an idea of what the device will look like compared to its biggest competition. The images also confirm the S8 will feature minimal bezels and a curved display.

An official announcement is close

At this point, we know pretty much all there is to know about the Galaxy S8, which will be officially unveiled by Samsung on March 29. Couple its premium design with powerful specs, and the S8 is looking like the phone to beat—at least until the iPhone 8 is released this fall.