With 2016’s awfulness in the rearview mirror, Samsung can turn its sights to the positive with the much-anticipated release of the Galaxy S8. Aside from the endless rumors of specs, not much is known about the phone or its design until a weekend that pretty much revealed everything, and it all came courtesy of Samsung.

In some promotional video for their new AMOLED display, bezel-less phones that look a lot like the renders we’ve seen on the Galaxy S8 are used to model the new displays. And I have got to say, the phone looks pretty awesome.

Given the rumors and renders we’ve seen, it’s almost a forgone conclusion what the S8 was going to look like; but now, thanks to Samsung, we might know exactly what it’s going to look like. Nothing is confirmed at the moment, and likely won’t until we see the phone, whenever that is.

The new smartphone leak does indeed look a whole lot like the phone we’re anticipating Samsung to announce, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility for this to be the next Galaxy S8 device. The only difference I can anticipate is the huge Samsung logo Samsung slaps on all its smartphones and is missing from the phone we saw in the promotional images.

The S8 is going to be a beautiful phone

Samsung has been killing the smartphone design for a few years now, and the S8 seems to only be continuation of this. The S7 and S7 Edge are beautiful phones, and the Note 7 looked like the best phone ever created until its firey mishap. If the Galaxy S8 can regain some of the design elements from the Note 7 without the exploding flew plus a bezel-less design, you can count on Samsung having another winner of a smartphone.