DxOMark this week released its review of the Galaxy S8’s camera, giving it a respectable score of 88. That’s good enough to match last year’s Galaxy S7 Edge.

But it rates a point under the Google Pixel, which reigns supreme with a score of 89. No other phone, past or present, has received a score higher than the Pixel—not even the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

This is what DxOMark had to say about the Galaxy S8’s camera:

For still photography, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has three main strengths: excellent autofocus, accurate white balance, and very effective noise reduction.

It’s one of the best devices we’ve tested for autofocus, with smooth, fast, and accurate performance in all lighting conditions. Shooting outdoors, white balance is very good, recording virtually no colorcasts or error during our tests. The Samsung Galaxy S8 also records very low levels of noise in almost all lighting conditions, which should be appealing to photographers looking to record portraits with smooth skin tones. The Samsung Galaxy S8’s main weakness for still is linked to its low noise, however, as its pictures have lower levels of sharpness compared to those of its main competitors.

Although it doesn’t rate quite as highly as the Pixel, the Galaxy S8’s camera is still excellent. The results, however, are also a reminder of how good the Pixel’s camera is—even several months after release. According to reports, the camera is going to be even better when the Pixel 2 is released later this year, so we have plenty to look forward to.

If you value the analysis of DxOMark, check out their full report at the source link below. Or, better yet, check out a camera comparison we did to decide for yourself.