Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 will boast a larger “infinity” display with an almost bezel-less, edge-to-edge design, according to a new report. Sources familiar with the company’s plans also promise an iris scanner, an improved camera, and a desktop dock.

According to British newspaper The Guardian, the Galaxy S8 will be a major upgrade over the Galaxy S7 series. It is expected to come in two variants that will have “the same or smaller proportions” as last year’s flagships, however, they will both offer bigger displays.

To achieve this, Samsung is to introduce a near bezel-less design that allows the display to take up the vast majority of the Galaxy S8’s front panel. According to two separate sources, there isn’t even enough room for a logo, while the fingerprint scanner has been moved to the back of the phone.

Both Galaxy S8 variants, which are said to be codenamed “Dream” and “Dream 2,” are expected to have curved displays like the Galaxy S7 edge. They will also offer 3.5mm headphone jacks, and iris scanners like the Galaxy Note 7.

The Galaxy S8 series will also offer a “duo pixel” camera like its predecessors, however, it will bring “incremental improvements” to image quality. The sources say we can expect better images, improved low-light performance, and greater speed.

“The Galaxy S8 will have a new processor, this time built on the company’s 10nm technology making it one of the first to do so, said two sources,” the report continues. “Chipmaker Qualcomm recently announced the Snapdragon 835, which is being built using Samsung’s new 10nm processes.”

A recent report claimed that LG has had to miss out on the Snapdragon 835 for its upcoming G6 flagship simply because Samsung has ordered so many for the Galaxy S8 that there won’t be enough to serve rival smartphone vendors.

The Galaxy S8 will also offer 64GB of storage as standard, alongside a microSD card slot, and USB-C connectivity. It will be compatible with brand new versions of the Gear VR headset and Gear 360 camera, the sources add.

Another big feature will be a new virtual assistant, thought to be named Bixby. It will take advantage of the Galaxy S8’s new camera to offer object recognition, similar to Google Goggles, and will be based on technology developed by Viv, the company Samsung acquired last October.

The official accessory lineup for the Galaxy S8 will include a desktop dock called “DeX” (desktop extension), which will allow users to connect their phone to a monitor, keyboard, and other peripherals. It’s thought DeX will be very similar to Microsoft’s Continuum dock for Windows phones.

The Guardian believes its information “to be correct at the time of publication and has double sourced all claims,” but it warns that Samsung’s plans could still change before the Galaxy S8 gets its official unveiling. That’s expected to happen around April.