Samsung, still reeling from the Galaxy Note 7 recall disaster, wants to make sure its next smartphone launches without a hitch. The company is reportedly already sending emails to employees reminding them how important secrecy is to the launch of a new product, and warns of “irreversible ramifications” should the Galaxy S8 leak early.

“Leaks of operational secrets can cause irreversible ramifications, posing a great financial risk on the company and leading to broken partnerships and loss of trust,” Samsung said in an email obtained by Korea Herald. Another source added that “Samsung has notified its suppliers not to mention a single word on the Galaxy S8.”

Keeping the Galaxy S8 secret

Sometimes early leaks can help build buzz around a product before it hits the market. In the case of the Galaxy S8, it seems Samsung wants to rely on the surprise and milk the “wow factor” to bring consumers back into the fold. It’s going to need to do more than excite customers, however. Following the Galaxy Note 7 fires, Samsung needs to prove its products are safe, too.