Since the Note 7 burned out pretty quickly (pun intended), all the attention has shifted towards to the Galaxy S8 and Edge variant. Just yesterday we got new details about what we can expect from the S8 next year. All of this sounds pretty awesome, but we still don’t know what the phone will look like—until now (sort of).

DBS Design made a concept of the S8 Edge, and it looks insane. From the rumors that we’ve been hearing, a “wraparound” display is awaiting Samsung’s next flagship and this concept brings that to life. The phone looks like a single sheet of aluminium with a display that melts into to the side walls of the smartphones. It’s something to behold.

The design of the phone in the concept isn’t bezel-free. There are still bezels at the top and bottom that house the earpiece and home and capacitive buttons, but they look much smaller than the ones found in the S7 Edge. Where the bezels have been completely eliminated are the sides.

The concept also puts the Galaxy S8 Edge in different situations that highlight its features like a rain storm (dust and water proof) and a car (Android Auto) while also hinting at the next generation of Galaxy smartphone cameras, which is always fantastic.

This concept is closer to reality than you think

DBS Design imagines the Galaxy S8 Edge with a 5.1-inch QHD OLED display, Snapdragon 835, 13MP dual camera, up to 256GB storage options with expandable memory, Android 7.1 and of course, the bezel-less display. And even with the impossibly thin design, it still has a headphone jack. Given what we’ve heard from the phones, these predictions aren’t all that crazy.

Just thinking about this phone makes me want to buy one. Check out the video down below to see a 360-view of the concept.