The Galaxy S8 may soon sit as the king of benchmarks. That’s no surprise considering Samsung’s Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 currently hold that title on Geekbench, but a leaked benchmark shows the new phones taking the crown.

Spotted by Slashgear, the Galaxy S8 seems to have notched up a multicore score of 6084 and a single core score of 1929. By comparison, the Galaxy S7 scored 5209 and 1786 in those tests, making the Galaxy S8 the clear new winner. As Slashgear points out, though, the iPhone still technically wins in single core tests (3305). Keep one thing in mind, however: these tests can usually be faked pretty easily. While we expect that the Galaxy S8 will no doubt score higher than the Galaxy S7, don’t take these as conclusive tests just yet.

The benchmark was conducted with a Qualcomm processor, according to data, which suggests this is the Snapdragon 835 version of the phone. We’re not sure how the Exynos model will compare. Samsung will announce the Galaxy S8 on March 29 during an event in New York City, and we’ll likely have our hands on units for further testing shortly thereafter.

Check out the benchmark below: