Samsung will use batteries manufactured by Sony for its Galaxy S8 smartphone, The Wall Street Journal said on Friday. Samsung SDI and ATL, also known as Amperex, will also provide batteries for the new smartphone.

There’s good and bad news here.

Samsung used both Samsung SDI and ATL to provide batteries for the Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled twice due to battery failures. Adding Sony to the mix could theoretically help prevent another Galaxy Note 7 disaster, since it could exist as a sort of third safety net. The Wall Street Journal said Sony will only provide a small percentage of the batteries.

It’s a bit disheartening to hear that Samsung is still using its Samsung SDI affiliate and ATL to provide batteries for its smartphones, at least given that they proved to be unsafe last time. As we know by now, though, the smartphone design will also be key in making sure the batteries fit properly and have enough room to dissipate heat. Also, The Wall Street Journal said ATL has ties to Apple and will also provide batteries for the new Nintendo Switch, so Samsung’s far from the only company using its products.

Finally, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Sony’s involvement in the Galaxy S8. A report earlier this month pegged Murata as one of the battery suppliers. Murata is buying Sony’s battery division but that deal hasn’t yet closed, which means Sony will still technically provide the parts.

Galaxy S8 due next month

The Wall Street Journal also reiterated reports that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S8 during a press conference in New York City next month.