Google Daydream was unveiled last year, but very few phones support the platform. You can add two major Android flagships to the list that should help make Daydream much more accessible. Support for the S8 and S8 Plus will be available some time this summer through an update.

Samsung has its own VR platform with its Gear VR headset in partnership with Oculus. This puts it in direct competition with Google Daydream.

Another reason why the S8 is better than the G6

The support of Google Daydream also gives the S8 another reason why it’s considered a notch above the LG G6. The G6 doesn’t support Daydream due to its lack of an OLED display. Google doesn’t include OLED panels into the list of requirements for Daydream, but the low latency persistency all but eliminates non-OLED displays.

G6 users have gone on Reddit to voice their complaints. They’ve tried using the Daydream head with the G6 but receive a “not compatible with your device” statement. Sorry G6 users.