A new report suggests Samsung is about to borrow another feature from the iPhone. According to Android Police’s David Ruddock, Samsung plans to include “3D Touch-like” functionality on the Galaxy S8.

Ruddock posted the new information on Twitter and didn’t go into much detail, instead only suggesting that Samsung may use the 3D Touch functions for its new software navigation keys. Yep, sounds like Samsung is finally ditching the hardware keys that usually sit below the bottom of the screen. That includes the home button, by the way, which may even exist under the phone’s glass display thanks to technology from Synaptics.

Ruddock’s Tweet suggests that a user may feel feedback when pushing “into” the display, as one does with an iPhone equipped with Apple’s 3D Touch technology. This differs from the Google Pixel, where one can access more information on an icon, though without pressing the display and feeling differing levels of touch feedback.

3D Touch on the Galaxy S8?

Implementation will be key. While 3D Touch works well, I often don’t find myself using it because it seems easier to just open the app instead of accessing a shortcut from the main homescreen. It’s also impossible to know what sort of functions are supported, you sort of just learn the feature by trial and error in each application. I’m curious to hear how Samsung will build on that, if this rumor is indeed true.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to launch sometime in April, but an announcement could come as soon as Mobile World Congress in late February.