Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs S6 Edge Plus-7

Last month a report out of Korea claimed Samsung could pack the Galaxy S7 with a pair of cameras in back. Now a new rumor claims that feature won’t make the cut, though the company is apparently still hard at work on a dual-lens setup.

According to ETNews, Samsung plans to finish up its new camera design before the end of the year. However, it won’t actually release a smartphone with the new feature until after the Galaxy S7 is already in stores. The report notes that Samsung won’t slap a dual-lens camera onto any of its phones until it thinks to market is ready.

That time could arrive pretty soon. Dual-camera setups are becoming increasingly popular in new high-end phones. HTC, Huawei and most recently LG have all tried including the feature with varying success. Apple even acquired Linx Computational, a startup working on its own dual-camera design, earlier this year.

The main advantage of these cameras is typically the option to re-focus and edit your pictures after you take them. LG’s new V10 also lets you take two different selfies at once, or swap between wide-angle and standard lenses, thanks to a pair of front-facing shooters. For now, we’ll need to wait for Samsung to join the fray.