Samsung typically charges top dollar for its flagship phones, but that may change with the Galaxy S7. A new report out of Korea claims fans will have a chance to pick up the device “at a cheaper price” when it launches next month.

According to The Korea Times, Samsung’s alleged decision to keep the same basic design it used for last year’s Galaxy S6 means you won’t have to pay quite as much for the new phone. It’s unclear exactly how much less the device will cost though. After all, the Galaxy S7 is still expected to offer upgraded cameras, a faster processor and a few new features.

If the Galaxy S7 is cheaper than your typical flagship phone we may also have LG to thank. The South Korean rival is reportedly set to launch its own high-end handset at the same time as Samsung.

“A day ahead of the official opening of the MWC, LG plans to unveil a new flagship mobile via a press event,” an unnamed LG executive told The Korea Times. “LG Electronics is ready to take on Samsung.”

In previous years LG waited several months after Mobile World Congress to announce its latest G series smartphone. This year the company is apparently confident enough to launch in February. The G5 is expected to pack a metal frame and some sort of modular design, along with a Snapdragon 820 processor and plenty of powerful hardware to back it up.

With LG and Samsung both apparently set to unleash flagship phones next month we may already have our first big rivalry of 2016. Galaxy S7 versus G5: Which will you choose?