samsung camera trademark britecell

The Galaxy S7 is just a few months away, and in the past few days we’ve seen a flurry of rumors surrounding the new phone’s camera. Contradicting reports suggests the company could use a powerful Sony sensor or develop its own camera, and a new trademark from Samsung could confirm plans for a new in-house shooter.

The company recently filed a trademark in Korea for the term BRITECELL, hinting at plans for an upgraded camera. Samsung already offers its own ISOCELL sensors after unveiling the technology back in 2013. This new name suggests a sequel is in the works.

Rumor has it Samsung has been developing its own 12-megapixel camera with a bigger 1/2-inch sensor. That’s a pretty big departure from the megapixel race that’s defined the smartphone industry for the past few years. It also sounds similar to the new sensor adopted by Google for its new Nexus smartphones.

If Samsung is developing new BRITECELL technology it’s likely we’ll see it debut on the Galaxy S7. Then again, it’s also possible some copies of the device will stick with a Sony sensor. Either way you should be getting a solid smartphone camera.