That Galaxy S7 could be facing overheating issues. At least, that’s what one recent rumor suggested, claiming that Samsung was scrambling to solve the problem by adding a liquid cooling system.

Samsung may have offered an unofficial response to the rumors just a day later. A Weibo post from someone claiming to be a hardware engineer for the South Korean giant defends the decision to include heat pipe. The engineer explains why the company might use the technology even if there isn’t any issue with the phone’s mobile chip.

The engineer starts by calling thermal design an art, which might explain why Samsung is still working on the new heat pipe. The technology should make it possible to run the Galaxy S7’s processor at high speeds without facing any overheating issues. That also lines up with earlier rumors that Samsung could ship the new phone with an overclocked Snapdragon 820.

So it’s possible Samsung is including a heat pipe to compensate for its own tweaks to the mobile chip. Then again, the company could simply want to include the technology as a point of pride. Either way, the Galaxy S7 is expected to pack plenty of power, so it probably can’t hurt to include a high-tech cooling system just in case.