Samsung usually makes some pretty big changes to the design of its flagship “Galaxy” handsets each year. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge may have marked the most drastic industrial design changes since the Galaxy series launched in 2010. But that may change next year with the Galaxy S7.

According to Korea Times, Samsung is planning to put much of its focus on the Galaxy S7 (and presumably, the Galaxy S7 Edge) to the components. The news outlet spoke with sources who said the company plans “little overhaul” to the look of the Galaxy S7, which means it might actually look a bit like last year’s model. This isn’t unheard of, of course. HTC tried to keep its designs pretty similar with the move from the One M8 to the One M9. But, more specifically, it’s a methodology that Apple has stuck to for many years.

Cupertino, for example, doesn’t change the design of its phones each year as other smartphone makers do. Instead, it focuses on adding new features internally, and selling customers on those upgrades rather than aesthetic changes. It works, and it might be wise for Samsung to do the same.

Korea Times said Samsung is going to put much of its focus on “picture quality, performance and other new features,” such as a brighter OLED panel, expanded storage, new RAM and Samsung’s latest processors.

The news outlet said Samsung has not yet decided on a venue or release date for the Galaxy S7.