Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S6 Edge-7

Your shiny new Galaxy S6 may be outdated before the year is up. The Galaxy S7 won’t launch until early next year, at least that’s what we all assumed based on Samsung’s recent history. However, it turns out the company may have plans to release the new phone even sooner, according to a new rumor out of China.

The new report claims the Galaxy S7 will arrive two to three months early, suggesting it could launch near the end of 2015. According to some unnamed “industry insiders,” Samsung is apparently speeding up its entire product cycle in an effort to better compete with Apple.

We’re not really sold on this explanation, though it does line up with some recent rumors. According to one earlier report, Samsung will reveal the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 in August instead of its usual September event. That could kick off an accelerated strategy for the South Korean company’s flagship lineup.

Regardless, it’s way too soon to know anything about the Galaxy S7 with any certainty. For now we’ll definitely be treating these rumors with plenty of suspicion, though we’ll still be on the lookout for any more news just in case.