Samsung’s answer to the iPhone 6s is still a few months away, but the company could already have an equivalent to Apple’s hot new feature in the works. A fresh rumor out of China claims the upcoming Galaxy S7 will offer its own version of 3D Touch.

The Galaxy S7 will allegedly use the new ClearForce touchscreen from Synaptics, a California company focused on display and biometric technology. The screen could offer a similar experience to 3D Touch, but with even more capabilities. That includes the option to speed up scrolling with a hard press, control of zooming and panning, the ability to turn on the screen or unlock the device, and more.

Chinese firm Huawei also unveiled its own Force Touch smartphone earlier this year with the Mate S, though the device won’t be more broadly available until early next year. That’s likely because Synaptics is still perfecting the technology, which it says won’t officially launch until Q1 2016. With the Galaxy S7 set to arrive early next year as well, it’s certainly possible the device could come packing a pressure sensitive screen.

Of course, this is just a rumor. There’s no guarantee Samsung will offer its own 3D Touch alternative with the Galaxy S7, though we assume the South Korean company is at least considering the option.