Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs S6 Edge Plus-1

Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves with all these Galaxy S7 rumors. Then again, maybe not. A new report out of Korea claims Samsung’s next flagship phone could arrive way ahead of schedule as the company ramps up its product cycle.

Samsung typically unveils each new Galaxy S smartphone at Mobile World Congress in late February or early March. However, one analyst claims the Galaxy S7 will actually make its debut in January instead. The actual release is allegedly slated for a month later in early February.

We’re tempted to write this off as another sketchy rumor, but there are a few reasons to take it more seriously. First, Samsung did push up the Galaxy Note 5 by about a month compared to previous Note releases, paving the way for a similar scenario with the Galaxy S7. The analyst in question also works for a company that happens to own one of Korea’s major carriers, so he might just have some inside information.

Rumor has it Samsung is working on two different versions of the Galaxy S7, though one may simply be an Edge variant. The device may also include expandable storage, an upgraded camera and a bigger display based on recent rumors.