The Galaxy S7 is probably still just a prototype deep inside Samsung’s offices, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors from leaking out. We’ve already seen one alleged benchmark for the upcoming smartphone, but the latest leak reveals something new about the Galaxy S7.

The device was spotted in a Geekbench benchmark under its codename “Lucky.” There’s actually two different models included in the leak. The first offers LTE and 4GB of RAM, while the second is missing LTE and drops the RAM to just 3GB. Both models appear to pack a new Exynos 8890 processor.

This information is different from prior leaks, which suggested that Samsung will sell two models, one with its Exynos processor — likely in Europe and other markets — and another with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chip, likely in North America.

Of course, that wasn’t the case this year with any of Samsung’s flagship smartphones. The South Korean company used its own Exynos chip in every version of the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus it released. That decision likely had more to due with overheating issues surrounding the Snapdragon 810, and it looks like Samsung is already set to include Qualcomm’s next-gen chip in at least some versions of its next flagship phone.