The Galaxy S7 is expected to arrive in just a few more months, and a new report reveals it could be Samsung’s biggest flagship phone ever. Newly leaked renders suggest the device could actually come in two different sizes, with the larger one measuring a full 6 inches across.

Specifically, the Galaxy S7 Plus will apparently measure 163.32 x 82.01 x 7.82mm, which would give it room for a pretty huge display on a par with 6-inch Galaxy Mega 2. Meanwhile, the smaller Galaxy S7 allegedly measures 143.37 x 70.8 x 6.94mm, which matches the Galaxy S6’s dimensions almost perfectly. That suggests the regular flagship phone will offer a more pocketable 5.1-inch screen.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the Galaxy S7 could come in two different sizes. However, the news that Samsung might offer a 6-inch flagship phone does come as a pretty huge surprise.

The same leak also offers a potential first look at the Galaxy S7 design. These renders allegedly come from an accessory-maker with early access to Samsung’s plans. The overall layout doesn’t seem to have changed much compared to the Galaxy S6, though the SIM card slot is in a new position near the bottom of the device instead of on the top.

Of course it’s possible these renders could be fake, so we wouldn’t get too excited just yet. Hopefully we’ll get an even better look at the Galaxy S7 soon as more information continues to leak out.