We’ve already seen plenty of concept designs for the Galaxy S7 and even a rough mockup based on leaked schematics. Now we may be getting our best look yet thanks to these early accessories for the upcoming flagship phone.

The new cases, which were published by retailer DHgate and GizmoChina, show the Galaxy S7 from a few different angles. Unfortunately most of the design is covered by a thick protective cover, but we do see a few clear details.

The biggest change appears to be the home button, which has transformed into a raised rectangle with sharper edges. We’ve seen the same detail in earlier leaks, though we’re still not totally convinced it will be included in the final design. Other details like the raised rear camera and flash module haven’t changed much from the Galaxy S6.

Early smartphone accessories like these are often based on schematics shared with case-makers in confidence. Then again, they may simply be based off the same leaked schematics we’ve already seen floating around. Either way we don’t expect the Galaxy S7 to stray very far from these images when it comes to looks.

It’s still possible Samsung could surprise us with a few new features when it unveils the Galaxy S7 early next year. The company is apparently cooking up some new camera technology and we’re excited to see what improvements it might offer.