T-Mobile started shipping Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 units early, it seems, and users are starting to post pictures of the phones arriving on their doorsteps. One Redditor recently published a gallery of photos comparing the Galaxy S7 Edge’s camera to the iPhone 6s Plus, a phone that features one of the best cameras on the market.

You can see how the photos compare to one another. I’ve included the Galaxy S7 Edge shots snapped by Reddit user xBOHICAx in the first gallery above, and the iPhone 6s Plus photos in the gallery below.

There’s one shot in particular that was snapped with the Galaxy S7 Edge that shows a nice deep blue sky, which isn’t as saturated on the iPhone 6s Plus. I tend to prefer the former. In others, the iPhone 6s Plus seems to do a better job picking up the background in an otherwise overexposed photo.

xBOHICAx said “every photo was taken on auto settings with no editing,” so keep that in mind. We’ll be doing our own tests once we receive our units, but this should provide a nice early look – assuming the photos were indeed actually shot with a Galaxy S7 Edge.