We always put a lot of attention into the camera section of our smartphone reviews, particularly just in an effort to provide you with samples of shot with the camera of the phone we’re testing. We already did that with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, but we wanted to continue showing how the camera performs just… as we live with the phone. We’re always asked about this sort of stuff, so we figured we’d deliver.

Take a look at the pictures above that I’ve snapped with the Galaxy S7 Edge, a personal unit that I bought myself. You’ll see a couple of my time on a golf course and a few more of my dog. Then another that I snapped as the sun set over Manhattan and Jersey City. Pretty good looking photos, nothing staged, just me and the Galaxy S7 Edge out doing things.

Want more? Here’s a look at our original gallery from the review:

Thoughts? I’m loving it so far, but I haven’t had much time with the HTC 10, which I know the other guys in the office love.