Samsung published one of the first advertisements for the Galaxy S7 Edge recently, showing off some of the smartphone’s new features that should attract consumers to this year’s model. The ad is short, just 30 second long on YouTube, but provides the viewer with a glimpse into the true power of the smartphone, all without even showing the software.

Samsung goes through some of the new features, like water resistance, the expandable storage with its added microSD card slot, the new 12MP camera that should be particularly good at low-light photos and, of course, the support for Gear VR. In fact, Samsung highlights the virtual reality aspect as if the Galaxy S7 Edge isn’t just a phone, but an actual virtual reality machine, too. It’s a fair argument to make, considering Samsung will provide a Gear VR headset with all early pre-orders in the U.S.

The ad does a good job of showing what’s new in Samsung’s phone that, otherwise, might not seem too groundbreaking if you’re coming from a Galaxy S6 and simply looking at the exterior.