The Galaxy S7 is all but guaranteed to pack an upgraded camera, but we’re still not sure exactly how Samsung plans to improve the rear shooter. Now a new trademark may reveal a bit more about the company’s strategy.

Samsung recently coined the term Duo Pixel. We have no idea what that means specifically, only that Samsung trademarked it. Duo Pixel could refer to a new pixel setup within the camera, or maybe even that rumored dual-lens setup we’re heard so much about.

Last month Samsung revealed new BRITECELL technology, which it says packs even more power into a smaller camera module. It’s possible Duo Pixel could be another name for the same camera or it could be something else entirely. Either way, Samsung’s clearly cooking up something new in the mobile photography department.

The Galaxy S7 is expected to arrive early next year, most likely at Mobile World Congress 2015 in February. Beyond an improved camera it’s also rumored to offer USB-C, a faster processor and a pretty familiar design. The new phone may even come in two different sizes, suggesting Samsung could release a Galaxy S7 Plus within the next few months as well.