The Galaxy S7 won’t arrive until early next year, but Samsung is already hard at work on the future smartphone. Now a new report details how the company could be speeding up its development process by as much as two months.

According to Asia Today, Samsung is switching from the Waterfall method to a new process called Agile. Just like the name implies, the new method lets the company take a more agile approach to development by focusing on one aspect at a time and revisiting the larger concept throughout the process. By comparison, Waterfall is a step by step method with no room for backtracking.

One key advantage for Agile is that you can introduce a new feature or piece of hardware later on if it suddenly becomes popular. The entire process may also be faster overall, though it’s unclear if that means Samsung will release the Galaxy S7 ahead of schedule. Then again, with the Galaxy Note 5 expected to arrive a month earlier than usual, an early release for the S7 probably isn’t out of the question.

We still don’t know much about about the actual Galaxy S7. According to one recent report, Samsung is still deciding between a Qualcomm processor and one of its own Exynos chips. Of course the company still has plenty of time to decide, though hopefully we’ll start hearing more concrete details about the flagship phone soon.