The Galaxy S7 is expected to pack a powerful rear camera, and it turns out Samsung may have developed the new shooter in-house. The company revealed its BRITECELL technology at an investors forum this week, though it didn’t confirm if the camera would actually be included with the upcoming Galaxy S7.

The new camera sports extremely small micron pixels, which Samsung says will allow the module to take up even less space. Specifically, the camera’s height will be reduced by 17 percent without sacrificing on photo quality.

BRITECELL should actually take even better pictures, especially in low light situations. Samsung also developed new software to improve the camera’s autofocus, which should be more accurate and faster as a result.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that this BRITECELL technology will make it into the Galaxy S7. Samsung could end up going with the latest from Sony instead, though it seems more likely the South Korean company will rely on its own technology if possible.

The real question may be whether Samsung can produce enough new camera modules in time for the Galaxy S7 launch early next year. If not, it may have to rely on another supplier.