Rumor has it Samsung will introduce several models of the Galaxy S7 when it announces the phone, very likely during Mobile World Congress at the end of February. That includes the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S7 Edge, the Galaxy S7 Plus and the Galaxy S7 Edge Plus, if you trust the rumors floating around right now. Wondering what the flagship might look like? Now we have an answer.

uSwitch and recently teamed up and created a 360-degree render “based on factory 3D CAD” that’s used by Samsung’s partners to create cases. It appears to offer our best look at Samsung’s new flagship phone, the Galaxy S7, though we don’t yet have a look at the other iterations of the device.

Are these renders 100% accurate? We can’t say for certain, but is usually pretty dead-on.

It looks, as we suspected, very much like last year’s model. It’s slightly fatter, it seems and, unfortunately, there only appears to be a SIM tray slot. It’s possible this will double as a microSD card slot too — that’s not unheard of — but we don’t see a separate tray at this time.

Great looking phone though, and we can’t wait to see it later next month.