When Samsung Pay first launched last year it took Verizon a full month to support the mobile payments app. So it’s no surprise that the carrier is shipping the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge without the service, though this time support may arrive a lot sooner.

Android Police confirmed that the feature was missing on its devices, and similar reports are popping up across the Internet. It’s unclear exactly why Verizon made this decision. However, the carrier was a member of Softcard, a competing app that shut down last year.

Samsung Pay is one of the best mobile payment options around. Its largest advantage is Samsung’s MST technology, which lets you pay with your phone at traditional magnetic swipe readers where Apple Pay won’t work. It includes NFC support to work with newer payment terminals.

Thankfully, Samsung Pay should arrive on Verizon’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge pretty soon. Samsung told Android Police that the service will be available in the Google Play Store and Galaxy Apps store starting on March 11. That’s less than a week away, but for now you can always sideload the app if you’re feeling impatient.