Consumer Reports recently claimed that Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Active was not able to withstand submersion in water as promised. Samsung issued a statement noting that it will replace units that fail, and that it tested the phones rigorously before launch. But just how rigorous was that testing? CNET is now reporting that multiple Galaxy S7 Active units also failed its water tests.

In CNET‘s tests, the Galaxy S7 Active was able to survive dunked in a vase and a bucket of water, but not when it was submerged at the bottom of a pool.

“First, the screen went dark underwater,” CNET said. “Then, a few minutes into its soaking, the phone rebooted — we could clearly see the bootup screen when we checked in on the phone. After 28 minutes, we retrieved the device. Water is visible in both camera lenses and the phone won’t turn on.”

Samsung advertises that the device should be able to withstand submersion at a depth of up to 1.5 meters (nearly 5 feet) for 30 minutes, so it should have survived that pool dunk just fine.

The news outlet ultimately says that the phone should be solid against splashes but that you might not actually want to risk putting it in a pool at that kind of depth. I’d be afraid to even swim with one.

I’ve asked Samsung for a second review unit so that I can test these sorts of claims, too. Our other unit is currently being tested in Irvine for drop durability, and we’ll have a video on that soon.